In issue 15 of our Fit n Fast Magazine Mike Campbell explains why men and women who want a healthier and leaner physique, should be saying “hi!” to high intensity training. Here is a brief outline on the benefits of HIIT. 

High intensity interval training (also called ‘HIIT’) is gaining popularity among exercisers of all shapes, sizes and abilities as the cardio training to do. Why? Because it works!

The aim is to push your limits and get as close to your ‘threshold’ as you can. HIIT has the capacity to severely increase your metabolic rate and to burn more fat as fuel, not only during exercise but after exercise.

How do I do a HIIT session?

Interval training is always expressed as a work:rest ratio. A classic example is the good old ‘sprint to a lamp post/walk to a lamp post’. If the sprint took you 10 seconds and the walk took you 30 seconds, this would be expressed as a 1:3 ratio.

This ratio is vital to the outcome of your HIIT, and you must monitor the rest element relative to your work in order to gain the most benefit. For example, if you wish to increase your body’s ability to work at high intensities then you would perform a 2:1 or 1:1 or 1:2 type ratio. Alternatively, if your goal is more aimed at increasing your speed then you would look at using a ratio favoured heavier towards the rest, such as a 1:4 or 1:5.

Remember – you must work hard during HIIT! If you come close to your limit and feel like the end just can’t come soon enough, then you’re on your way to completing a bang-on HIIT session, and getting the healthier, leaner body that you’re after.

If you feel like you need more from your workout and just don’t know where to start, why not touch base with one of our Qualified Personal Trainers? You can contact the PT of your choice directly through your Fit n Fast gym by either checking out the PT notice board or ask at Reception for more details.