I first joined Fit n Fast in 2011.

Previously I used to come in to the club for free with a colleague as a guest on their black membership and then decided to get my own orange membership. I then upgraded my membership in order to allow me to bring friends in to the club for free.

I joined Fit n Fast Charlestown as it was a modern and very large gym. I was always welcomed with a smile and the people who utilise the facilities were also very friendly and always willing to help wherever possible. This cemented Fit n Fast as the gym for me and to date I have made some fantastic friends through the gym.

I first joined Fit n Fast because I had left an active job and started working at a sedentary job. I began to see the kilos pile on and I began to feel really unhealthy.  When I first started going I weighed in at a not so pleasant 102 kilos. I used to spend my time at Fit n Fast strolling on the treadmill and then would return to work just to indulge in a Coca Cola and some sort of unhealthy meal for lunch. I then made the decision to sign up with a Personal Trainer (Matt Connolly) in early October 2012 following the results of one of my close friends.

When I had my first fitness assessment, weigh in and measurements I still weighed 102 kilos, had a stomach measurement of 105.5cms and Chest at 107cms. I commenced training 2 times per week with the aid of my personal trainer and 3 times per week independently. I did not follow a specific diet, however I did change what I ate each day to be healthier and I stuck to daily caloric consumption limits. My focus with my personal trainer was on high intensity training incorporating resistance and cardiovascular training, and on my independent days, I completed Cardiovascular training.

After 8 weeks, I had another weigh in and measurement with my personal trainer. I weighed in at 86.4kgs, had a stomach measurement of 85.5cms and a chest measurement of 98.5cms. This marked a 14 kilo weight loss in 8 weeks and shaving a massive 43.5cms in total off my body. After a further 4 weeks, I was down to 82.1 kgs. This brought my total weight loss to 20.1 kilos in 12 weeks. I had never felt happier, healthier, much leaner and was incredibly fit, not too mention I looked fantastic if I do say so myself!

Matt left Fit n Fast for a short while to further develop his career so I then signed up with Nathan Perry. My main reason for getting a PT this time was because I had achieved my weight loss, and it was time to start toning up and eliminating my fear of the weights section. Nathan helped me achieve what I never thought possible and completely changed my mind set on cardiovascular training vs resistance/weights training. I trained with Nathan for over one year and in this time I completely changed my body shape for the better and I have  become a much stronger person which I required for my dancing and wellbeing. Not only was I cardiovasucularly fit, but I started to get stronger, and started to see my body change shape again.

My favourite things about Fit n Fast are endless but I will try nail it down to a few key components that mean the most to me. There is a wide variety of equipment available from the enormous cardiovascular section to the even larger weights/resistance section. There is always equipment available no matter what time of the day it is.

Another component that is one of my favourite things would be the judgement free environment. Everyone from the staff to the members will talk to you and say hello, this for me makes it an extremely comfortable environment to train in. Finally, the club is always clean and the facilities are kept in good condition.

My favourite quickie zone is the Quickie Box class. Here you have access to a qualified personal trainer to take you through an amazing work out that leaves you feeling fantastic… and all in 30 minutes!!

Because of my experience, I have decided that I wanted to pursue Fitness as a career to help others with their health and fitness goals the same way my mentors helped me. I have now completed my Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in fitness with Master Trainer qualification through the Australian Institute of Fitness and am pleased to announce that I am going to be a Personal Trainer at Fit n Fast!

I now have an inner drive to want to help others achieve the unimaginable. I am not going to sit here and say the process is entirely easy, because it isn’t. What I can guarantee is that it is worth it and the results speak for themselves.



Lewis is now a Personal Trainer at Fit n Fast Charlestown and would love to help you with your Fitness goals!! Lewis can be contacted on 0431 138 767 if you would like to book in a PT session.

DISCLAIMER: Success stories represent individual testimonials of members and not typical results. Fit n Fast does not guarantee results, which will vary significantly from individual to individual.