When I was 17 years old I was really struggling with some thyroid issues and I knew that I really needed to lose weight for my health. So after going in to have a look at the Fit n Fast Gym in Penrith, I really liked the look of the Gym and I decided that I wanted to join. So in 2011 I became a member!

I train with a Personal Trainer called Corey Tobin. He put together a program for me and I do a mix of Cardio and Strength workouts with him as well as training on my own. After a while when I started seeing results it really motivated me. The Gym is so good for Stress relief and losing weight was making me feel so much better.

I am really enjoying working out at Fit n Fast. My favourite area is the Quickie Circuit. I love that you can get a great all over workout in only 30 minutes!

Losing close to 60kgs has transformed the way I live my life.  At the weight I was before my life was very restricted in ways I did not even understand until I lost the weight. Physically and mentally I feel a lot better.

Even though I am not at my goal yet, I am still proud of my achievements and am happily working towards a healthier weight.



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