I joined Fit n Fast in January 2015.  I am a member of the Liverpool St, CBD Gym.  My personal trainer, Rasha Ismail, encouraged, persuaded and eventually told me to join.  I am so fortunate as Rasha is superlative in her profession and is a beautiful and inspirational woman.  She has been my trainer for four years.

My fitness story began several years ago.  I do think success stories start a long time before the results kick in and this was the case with me. My whole awareness and prioritising of fitness grew slowly over about five or six years of putting my body into exercise environments.  I began going  to the gym once a week, with another two days taking lunchtime walks around the park.

In 2011 Rasha was recommended to me as a personal trainer.  She did an initial assessment of my overall fitness levels and abilities and succinctly named the challenge ahead:  “You need everything” she said.  I am a woman in my 50s doing sedentary, computer-based work and I did need all her professional help!  I had an Achilles heel injury and, later, a back injury, both sustained during exercises with other gym instructors.  Rasha is very careful to demonstrate and state the correct muscle groups and techniques for each exercise we do.

Last year I spent six months doing my training outdoors, which I loved, but Rasha was less than happy because it provided no opportunity for weightlifting, which is great for weight loss and increased strength.  She urged me to come back to the gym.

I agreed in January 2015, joined Fit n Fast and immediately began a weight-loss diet, after a medical scare and doctor’s directive to lose weight.

Since then I have steadily and slowly lost kilograms – 18 of them, which equates to a dress size and a half, much more energy and enthusiasm for life and work, and the delight of success.

The major dietary change I made was changing to a low-carb, increased protein, healthy oils diet and the major behavioural change I made was ending after-dinner “grazing” at night.  I have not conquered this emotional habit but now identify it as my main foe.

I still only go to the gym twice a week, three if possible, but I have an increasing awareness of movement as the key to fitness.  I still have weight to lose and look forward to continuing my efforts.

Rasha has been there supporting me and spearheading the journey, throughout the years.  I now have the satisfactions of being able to describe myself as reasonably fit and looking good.

DISCLAIMER: Success stories represent individual testimonials of members and not typical results. Fit n Fast does not guarantee results, which will vary significantly from individual to individual.