I joined Fit n Fast Campbelltown in May 2014.

I had reached a point where the way I was working out was no longer effective and I knew I needed to change it.

But first let me take you back a bit in time…

Back in September 2011, I met up with a bunch of girls that I went to school with and hadn’t seen for many years. I certainly looked very different to what they remembered me as.  I hadn’t realised just how big I had actually gotten until I saw photos of the night.  To say that I was shocked and disgusted was a big understatement.  The following month at work I ended up in a pile and it finally dawned on me that I was depressed.  Looking back now I can see that I abused my body but at the time I had no idea.  It was like a light bulb was switched on and it was just the push I needed to start my journey to becoming the better me.

At first I started off going to outdoor boot camp sessions with a friend.  It was rather embarrassing but I managed my first day at boot camp.  I was that big I couldn’t even do a squat. The trainer at the time had to help me by holding my hands whilst I squatted just so I could maintain balance over the heals and not the toes.  Time progressed and with many sessions under my belt I started to see some results.  This prompted me to get up every morning before work and go for a walk.  2kms doesn’t sound like a lot to most but when you are big it seems like 20kms.  I used to set myself a time goal to see if I could beat the previous day’s results.  Eventually 2kms was a walk in the park so I needed to ramp it up.  I ended up doing morning walk sessions, evening walk sessions and 2 boot camp sessions a week.

Not being a fan of gyms, a friend suggested that I go with her one day to Fit n Fast to see how I would feel about going to the gym. I liked the feel of the Fit n Fast gym almost immediately.  I wasn’t intimidated like I had been in the past with other gyms and I liked what I saw.

I admit I was nervous meeting up with my Personal Trainer Melih but he put me at ease right off the bat and I haven’t looked back.  We first started a program where I would only do two weight sessions and then do 3 cardio sessions.  As horrifying as it sounds I even allowed him to take measurements!  We focused on my nutrition with reverse dieting being one of our main objectives.

We worked on developing my strength and cutting body fat in the best way possible.  With my body changing my goals are continually evolving.  My workouts now consist of 4 weight sessions a week followed by 2 HIIT sessions.  I have 1 rest day a week, which I call my die day.

My favourite thing about Fit n Fast is the fact that I can go in at any time and workout.  Being a 24hr gym, it enables me to divide my time between morning and evening workouts. The staff at Campbelltown are friendly and always helpful.  I also like the fact that no matter how big or small you are, the clientele do not make the person feel self-conscious.

Since starting my journey to becoming the better me I have been able to shed 45kg.  Before joining Fit n Fast I managed to lose around 30kgs.  With getting my metabolism back on track and introducing weights into my routine I have lost a further 15kgs and my bodyshape has completely changed.  With Melih’s continued help I will be able to say goodbye to more of those unwanted cms.  My journey is far from over but it is a lot closer to the finish line than when I first started in 2011.

DISCLAIMER: Success stories represent individual testimonials of members and not typical results. Fit n Fast does not guarantee results, which will vary significantly from individual to individual.