Shazz isn’t big on talking about herself so I will share her story, as she deserves every bit of praise she gets. 

Shazz began her health and fitness journey over 2 years ago, at 107kg. After 18 months of hard work, restrictive diets and up to 3 gym sessions a day, she got down to 61kg – Which is an incredible effort. The downside to this was that Shazz was not happy at this light weight. She had developed some bad habits and her restrictive style diet begun to catch up with her. There is a lesson learned for everyone out there when I say that being at a certain weight does not equal a good state of mind.

Unfortunately, after losing her passion for the gym and her fitness journey, some bad habits began to creep back into her lifestyle and by the time Shazz joined Fit n Fast in January 2015, she had worked her way back up to 81kg. Shazz had now made the decision to make a change (which she was not comfortable with) but knew it had to happen in order to turn herself around.

Shazz came to me wanting to become a professional powerlifter. She had done some basic training in the sport but nothing structured. Her main goal was to compete in her first competition, but she also wanted to trim down and lose a bit of weight. She has done just that with an incredible amount of determination and hard work.

Shazz is now 2 weeks away from that goal of her first powerlifting comp, for which we have been training extremely hard for together. She has dropped nearly 9kg since joining Fit n Fast, doesn’t feel the need to train 3 times a day to feel like she has done something, and is in such a better place. Counting macronutrients on a daily basis keeps her on track with her nutrition but also gives her some flexibility to still enjoy the foods she loves in moderation. She also now spends a lot more time with her husband and daughter. I don’t think I’ve ever trained someone who is more determined to achieve her goals than Shazz. Her work ethic, day in, day out is impeccable. Having to rehab back injuries, battle self confidence issues and stay optimistic about her end goal shows a true testament to her character as a person.

Well done Shazz, you’ve earned every single bit of progress this year! Keep repeating everything that you’ve done this year and reap the rewards.

Story told by Nathan Brain, Fitness Support Manager and Senior Personal Trainer at Fit n Fast Campbelltown.

DISCLAIMER: Success stories represent individual testimonials of members and not typical results. Fit n Fast does not guarantee results, which will vary significantly from individual to individual.