It’s a strange sort of question, so let me elaborate. None of us have the perfect diet – not even your Personal Trainer – so there are always little areas of our diet that we can improve upon. When I start working with a new client one of the first things that I do after analysing their diet is to ask them ‘if there was one thing that you think you should fix with your current eating, what would it be?’

I call this their nutritional flaw. It’s the one glaringly poor aspect of their diet that even with no nutrition knowledge at all they can still identify. Importantly, I never identify it for them, the client must do it themselves. Sometimes it is as simple as the muffins for breakfast or the 3 beers each night. Other times it can be harder to identify, such as a huge gap in between meals on an otherwise excellent nutritional day.

I won’t go into how I help the client to correct the problem in this article, but what I would like to do is stress the importance of identifying the main issue with your diet and taking steps to rectify it yourself. For client’s that come to me for weight loss help, often times, simply by identifying the main issue with their diet – their nutritional flaw – they are able to immediately start losing weight, feeling and performing better. Not always, of course, but certainly more often than not.

The reason that I do this is because I am not overloading my clients with a completely new diet to follow – a process that virtually never works for either the client or Personal Trainer. By simply asking my clients to focus on the worst part of their diet we can take steps towards addressing this issue and the progress begins immediately. Once this has been taken care of the remainder of the diet will usually begin to fall into place.

So, if you are having problems with your weight loss, health and fitness goal, have a look at your diet and find the main issue then take steps to address the issue. If you don’t feel that you have the knowledge or skills to be able to do that yourself, at Fit n Fast we have some amazing Fitness Professionals that are there to help you. Take the time to talk to one of us and get the ball rolling towards the health and fitness that you desire.

Yours in Health!

Chris Dounis


Senior Personal Trainer – Fit n Fast St Peters

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