Qmax high intensity training classes are designed to push you to your max! There are a range of class formats designed for strength, weight loss, increased fitness and endurance or athletic performance. Qmax caters to all fitness levels and its not only fun but will fast track your long-term results. If this doesn’t have you jumping out of your seat wanting to try a class then maybe the list below will push you over the edge!


1.       HIIT Styled workouts: High intense Interval Training is the most efficient and effective way to utilise your time in the gym. Gone are the days when you could spend hours in the gym, now it’s all about getting in and out knowing you are achieving your goals. HIIT cardio works by intense burts of work followed by rest periods, the result? An increase in your metabolism to keep burning calories for hours even after you have left a class. So, if your goal is to lose a few kilos or looking to get toned, Qmax is the best place to start and get your HIIT ON!

2.       Combination of Strength PLUS CARDIO: Looking to put some size on or return to your former glory? We’ve got you covered! Qmax is more than just HIIT classes, we have strength classes throughout our timetable specifically designed to build muscle and tone. If ninja warrior has got you all inspired to start jumping through hoops, why not try both?! Combining both HIIT and strength classes together will propel you toward your goals even faster! We even have some committed Qmax members who regularly complete back to back classes and have told us they look and feel better than ever!

3.       Instructor Presence: At Qmax we understand the importance of proper form and technique to ensure you stay safe and feel the full benefits of each exercise in a class. That’s why every Qmax instructor is a fully qualified Personal Trainer ready to make your Q-xperience the best it possibly can be. Have an injury or don’t feel confident in trying an exercise? No stress, our amazing team is there to adjust and cater to your needs!!

4.       Team Environment: Lets be honest at times life can really get you down! Trying to find the work life balance to ensure you spend enough time with your family but also working enough to provide can be a tough gig. Add in having to exercise on your own to stay in shape… NO THANKYOU!!! The great thing about each Qmax class is your training with between 8-24 other liked minded people who are there to push you along and revel in your triumphs! The gym doesn’t have to dark and lonely, we at Qmax believe in the group environment and establishing friendships with the people you work out with to enhance the experience you feel on a daily basis.

5.       Cost Effective: We understand people are on tight budgets and don’t have lots of money to play around with, that’s why every person who wants to try Qmax gets 7 days FREE to try as many classes as they want. After that we have package options which include our Qmax group training PLUS use of a fully equipped gym PLUS the option of YogaBar and you get to keep your arm which I think is a plus! No other gym can offer you this kind of value!!!!!!!!!

Overall, Qmax has positively influenced the life of so many people in such a short period of time. As a Qmax instructor I am blessed to be able to wake up every morning and head to work knowing my Q-crew is ready for an action-packed session which will not only enrich their minds and bodies but create long lasting friendships!

If you’re stuck in a rut, or have lost motivation to get back into shape this is your chance to change your life for the better and get in the best shape whilst making some new friends. Trust me from experience it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

Jamie De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – Fit n Fast Southland