With Summer just around the corner, we all want toned legs and a stronger core! So we asked our Qmax expert, Jamie to show us the best Qmax exercises to help achieve this!


The squat is one of, if not the BEST lower body exercise you can do to develop lower body strength and tone.

  1. Start with just your body weight try to keep your heels planted on the floor, your knees pointing forward and an upright torso.
  2. When squatting try aim for hips just below parallel to receive the full benefits. Below you’ll see the GOBLET SQUAT! The goblet squat is a great progression to the Body weight squat, as its easy to perform and caters to all levels. Start with a light dumbell and ensure you can perform the above exercise perfectly. As the weight starts getting heavier, you need to activate your core to keep you upright – as the heavier weight will want to push you forward!




The plank is an easy and very effective core exercise. It’s great as it works the whole body instead of just isolating the core.

In the example below, you will see a plank being performed on a swiss ball. This adds in an element of instability which challenges your core even more – the challenge is to stay strong as your body starts the wobble. A key point to remember is to keep a nice flat back, if you arch your back you will place unnecessary pressure on your low back. Easier way to ensure this doesn’t happen is ‘tuck’ your pelvis forward and lock that position for as long as you can!

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Jamie De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – Fit n Fast Southland