St Peters member Gaye Oliver shares her fitness journey and the kick ass changes she has achieved with the help of her PT Chris Dounis!

Why did you decide to make the change?

Being in my 50’s I wasn’t getting any younger and I saw what happened to my father and mother and their quality of life when mobility and health was reduced. I have struggled trying to control my weight and everything else that went with being unhealthy alone and I felt time was running out to do something.

How has your PT helped you throughout your journey?

Chris listened and looked past the usual garble as to why we come to a gym. He is genuinely empathetic and really cares about the clients he works with. He didn’t blink an eyelid when I told him I was passionate about all things weights. Apparently an over 50 year old wanting to be a deadlift queen is normal! Chris focusses on doing things that keep me motivated. He hasn’t given up on me and provides the psychological support to move on when I get down or frustrated that something is not happening as it should.

What advice do you have for other who want to achieve their goals?

I think it really boils down to clarifying exactly what your goals are and what is driving them. If your goals have not changed from previous attempts then be honest with yourself as to why it didn’t work (deep down we all know why) and seriously and honestly consider whether you are really prepared to go the hard yards and put the commitment in even when your normal saboteurs kick in. If one of your considerations is money then consider this, how much more will it cost you if your health and body becomes chronically broken down? Do the math!

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