Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great day!

This week I want to talk about HIIT cardio! Here at Qmax we run plenty of HIIT sessions each and every day! They leave you feeling absolutely wrecked and you may wonder why you put your body through such intense workouts!

High intense interval Training are bursts of very hard work followed by periods of complete rest! The theory behind the method is elevating and relaxing the heart rate over very short periods will spike the metabolism to keep burning calories well after you have finished exercising – and when it comes to calorie burn, scientifically there is nothing better!

Although you burn more calories during a moderate exercise session because you are constantly moving for example: 30min jog, the after burn is nowhere near the after burn of High intense exercise, which you would get from say a NEW YORK HIIT class!

During high intense exercise if you worked out your actual ‘work time’ it would be very small, but the intensity you’re working at is very high!

During this time your metabolic rate is boosted so your body continues to burn more calories for hours after you have finished your session. The more intense the workout, the greater the effects will be, so you should always aim to push yourself as hard as you can during a HIIT session to maximise the time your body stays BOOSTED!!

You burn both fat and carbohydrates during a workout and you’ll likely end up burning a combination of both. Blood glucose and stored glycogen offer “fast” energy and they convert to fuel quickly. Because carbs only have 4 calories worth of energy per gram you’ll always burn them first – HOWEVER your glycogen stores won’t last forever. So as your workout continues, you’ll start burning fat which does take longer to convert into usable energy as it has 9 calories per gram, so serves as a more concentrated source of energy!

In the end it’s the total calories you burn that matters the most for weight control – not whether those calories came from carbs or fat!!

So, in future I want you all to think about – always working as hard as you can to maximise the calorie burn after your workout is finished!

That’s all from me, keep training hard!

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Jamie De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – Fit n Fast Southland