Qmax classes are one of the best ways to torch fat and get into shape!! However, preparing your body for one is just as important as actually doing the workout. Preparation is key to not only ensure you get the best results but also prevent injury. Also, to prepare yourself to redline it during a session – which is what you want to do, to drive results in a short period, you need to think strategy outside the session and not tactics during the session.

So here are my top 8 tips of what you should do before your next Qmax class to ensure you get the most effective workout:

  1. Sleep: What we do in one area of our life affects all others – so if you smash a pre-workout shake 10mins before the class to boost performance but you’ve been sleeping like a parent with a new born (broken to no sleep), you are not going to perform at your peak! The opposite is true as well, if your sleeping like a king but eating like the guy from Man v Food, you aren’t doing yourself any good. Start looking at the bigger picture and you’ll not only prepare your body for a great workout, but you’ll upgrade your life to an elite level! It starts with sleep – 6 to 8 hours each night is the foundation of wellness. The magic happens through regeneration and repair!


  1. Eat Clean: Don’t forget food affects us on a molecular level! Feed your body unprocessed food as close to its natural state as possible and you’ll be running on clean energy for the rest of your life!


  1. Carb up: I’m not a huge fan of synthetic pre-workout supplements, but I am a big believer in feeding your muscles a steady stream of protein. Forcing an insulin spike post workout can help lower the stress hormones running around your body after a taxing workout. So, eat a simple carb with a high glycaemic index.


  1. Stretch up: So easy to forget that as your muscles get stronger they also get harder. The last thing we want is them becoming stiff and vulnerable to injury – which may take you off the gym floor, which is the last thing you need! Spend 5 minutes before the class running through some stretches to ensure you stay limber!


  1. Hydrate: Cramping during a workout or needing to stop after feeling the effects of dehydration is not fun. Like I said above, look at your body like a machine, the better-quality stuff you put it in – the better it will run. Look to drink between 2-2.5L a day to avoid any issues!


  1. Know the class: Sounds silly but again vitally important. Know what class your doing. Is it NEW YORK or HAVANA? reason being it will allow you to ask yourself important questions such as, do I need to pace myself to last the whole session? Last time I did TOYKO my knee started hurting towards the end, do I need an alternative? Whatever it may be, the more informed you are about the class, the more equipped you are to give it your all.


  1. Know the instructor: Does the instructor know your body? Do they know you can’t jump on boxes or you have a bad lower back? What you don’t want is mid class trying to hail down the instructor asking for an alternative. Truth is, they may have a million other things going on with the loud music and big class – they may not give you the best alternative. Make it a priority to talk to the instructor pre-class and workout some alternatives to exercises you can’t do!


  1. Bring a friend: Training alone isn’t fun! When you have someone, you like and know it makes exercising that much more appealing, bring a friend down to share in your pain. Better yet, mingle with the people in your class and get to know them. 9 times out of 10 they are feeling exactly like you and would probably love to pair up!


Blog post courtesy of Jamie De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – Fit n Fast Southland