Firstly, I just want to point out that it’s okay not to feel motivated every single day. You will have bad days, we all do, even your ‘always positive’ personal trainer has bad days with motivation, food and exercise!

Coming from a sporting background I played a lot of soccer growing up. I remember clearly one night my coach telling me that the reason I couldn’t score was because I was hitting the ball just 1cm off from where I needed. I quickly replied with what I thought about him as a coach and how he had it all wrong… How could I be only 1cm off and miss the goal by so much?

He continued to explain that if the ball is slightly off when it is kicked, it will continue off course. 1m away wouldn’t be so bad but when the ball travels  20-30m’s that projection is now a lot further from where we want it to be.

The same goes for our diet and training . More often than not you are only a small change away from reaching your goals. Imagine making that small change and what a difference it would make in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month and then 1 year. I’m sure you can start to see the analogy.

Start by making one of these small, but powerful changes in your daily routine to increase your motivation and results.

1. Get a Personal Trainer. A PT will guide you through every step of the way by not only giving you motivation but educating you along your journey. After all, there’s nothing more un-motivating than not getting results.

2. Know your ‘why.’ Why do you go to the gym? If you answered I want to lose 20kg’s or something like that then you have missed the mark. Think deeper; why do you want to lose that 20kg’s? Perhaps you want to start a family? Maybe you have a wedding coming up? Everyones why will be different, but everyone should know their ‘why.’

3. Write down your goals and be as specific as possible. Make sure you include a deadline and make sure it’s realistic. You can’t lose 20kg’s in the next 4 weeks. Place a deadline that is challenging enough to push you to take action without being unrealistic.

4. “Where your focus goes, your energy flows.” Take point 3 one step further and create a vision board. Make sure you include the goal and be as specific as possible. Place photos of that you want to achieve, perhaps someone with a new born (using the example above) or someone walking along the beach with a six pack. Take it even further by including what that will do for your life, including anything you can feel, hear, touch, smell or noises that might be involved.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people that are positive and uplifting. Train with a friend that picks you up or why not join a Qmax class and be surrounded by positive vibes whilst you make new friends.


Blog post courtesy of Matthew Connolly

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – FNF Charlestown