It’s that time of year again – Winter.

It can certainly be tempting to slow things down a little with your fitness, you’re wearing more layers of clothing, so you tend not to notice your body so much or take as much pride in it as when you’re out on show during the summer.

Not to mention, your motivation can take a big nose dive especially during those particularly cold/dark/wet days when it’s hard to go anywhere, let alone the gym.

Let’s face it; most of us would prefer to stay at home, snug and toastie in our winter woollies and eating Winter comfort food, and this is because your metabolism slows down during the Winter.

During colder temperatures, the body has to spend much more energy in conserving heat. So, it has to slow down metabolism to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. You also crave carbs a lot more!  When the body is deprived of Vitamin D (due to decreased sunlight), your serotonin levels drop. And adequate serotonin is required for a healthy mood. Low serotonin levels lead to carb cravings because the body is desperately seeking ways to increase serotonin levels!

The one thing I remind my clients of is that as quickly as they ‘condition’, they can just as quickly ‘de-condition’. It takes weeks, if not months of hard work and consistency to build a great, fit body. That said, all of that hard work that has been put in can be un-done by making a few wrong decisions and can lead to being demotivated. You may very well end up forming old, bad habits that led you to making that decision to become fit and healthy in the first place!

The key to surviving the winter period is to maintain your momentum.

After all, summer bodies are made in winter!

So what separates you from others during this time will be your willpower and and consistency.

Whilst others choose to sleep in, or wait for the weather to become warmer before they work out, you should continue your fitness grind, putting yourself weeks if not months ahead of anybody else that chooses to take their foot off the gas pedal.

Don’t put your training on the shelf and wait until spring/summer approaches! You will only set yourself back and will have to work extremely hard to get to your current fitness state again.

If you struggle with motivation…hire a PT!

Blog post courtesy of Ryan Florido

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – FNF Liverpool St/St Peters