Every year when the weather heats up, we bring out our workout gear and/or swimmers and start wishing we’d been a little healthier through the winter months.

While hindsight is an amazing thing (and we promise ourselves we’ll get it right next year), the good news is that Spring is actually a great time of year to make some changes and start seeing results and here’s why;

Bear status over

While we’re not quite in full grizzly mode, our metabolisms do naturally slow down through winter. Your body is smart and knows that back in primitive times, food may have been more sparse throughout the colder months with less opportunities to hunt and adjusts to store reserves accordingly. The warmer weather signals to your body that it can loosen the reigns on our fat stores, encourage you to be more active and exit hibernation mode.

Outdoor Inspo

While the darkness of winter may just seem like an excuse to avoid exercise, it’s been psychologically proven to affect your mood and motivation. Spring signals longer and warmer days ahead with plenty of options on where and how you train. While we love you training in our clubs, we know everyone’s different and our bodies needs variety so why not mix it up with an outdoor/beach session or even something water based. Listen closely to your body and where you best feel motivated to move!

Food Porn

Spring and summer is my favourite time of year for food because there is so many healthy and tasty options coming into season. These foods are typically “lighter” and easier for your body to digest and therefor convert to energy faster. Just keep in mind that while fruit is natural and amazing, we want to balance its sugar levels out with some vegetables especially if you find yourself constantly reaching for a refreshing juice or smoothie.

So there it is Q-crew… Spring has officially sprung and your results can too. Your body is ready to move and try new things so get your mind on the same page by setting yourself some clear goals and a realistic plan to achieve them.

With your mind and body aligned, you have the perfect storm to achieve those #summerbodygoals