It may not be the focus of your training, but incorporating back strengthening exercises has so many great benefits!

Here are a few:

Structural Necessity

Neglecting your backside​, ​particularly your back muscles​, ​can have structural consequences to your body. A weak back means you don’t have the musculature to prevent rounded shoulders, which can cause neck and shoulder pain, as well as make you look as if you’re lacking confidence.

​When your middle and lower back muscles are weak, you are more likely to experience low back pain. Strengthening the deeper muscles of the back, particularly the erector spinae, multifidus and quadratus lumborum, develops support for your spine and pelvis. This makes all action safer and more stable, including running a 5K, bench pressing a heavy barbell, moving furniture, carrying groceries or twisting to pick up a dropped set of keys.​

Improve Posture and Self Confidence

Want to look taller instantly? Stand up straight. Good posture helps you instantly look better and feel better about yourself. The bundle of muscles that line up along your spine can help you build that tall, confident appearance. These erector spinae muscles flex the torso and help to hold your body upright.

Build Lean Muscle Mass

Want to improve your metabolism? Increase the amount of muscle on your frame. While there is some controversy over the exact number of calories burned, experts agree that muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass. So it makes sense to increase the size of those large muscles on your back and maximize their metabolic potential. Build ‘em up to burn more calories. You’re more likely to remember to work your back if you understand and appreciate the benefits. Work your back muscles two to three times each week to see results.​

More Power!

Your back plays a huge role in how your entire body functions, because it attaches to your hips, abdominals, chest, shoulders, and neck. Strengthening your back gives you additional power in all sports by stabilizing your body structure.