With Christmas fast approaching you are probably getting very concerned about your training and how you can maintain the amount of exercise you did through the year during a very busy December month. High calorie treats are always on offer and Christmas parties make it very tempting to skip a workout for an extra round with the lads or gals. However small things can make a HUGE difference during the festive period. Burning just an extra 100 calories, each day can add up to a whopping 700 extra cals a week and over 3000 calories in a month.

Therefore today, we are going to share with you 5 ways to burn an extra 100 calories or more.

Tip #1: Increase duration

Change from a 30min class to 45mins: This extra 15mins of exercise can make all the difference. After 30mins of smashing out your favourite Qmax class your wrecked and rightly so – if you stuck round for an extra 15mins giving all your effort, your metabolism will go into OVERDRIVE, burning well over another 100 calories.

Tip #2: Hit the treadmill

Following this same principle, you have just finished MIAMI ABS and your super excited with your new found 6 pack, instead of walking out of the gym – head to the treadmills and smash out a few sprints, it won’t take you long. Think 45sec of sprinting with the same amount of rest, do 5 sets and watch your 6 pack bludge!!!

Tip #3: Do more circuit work

If right now you’re only doing 1 Qmax class to supplement your weights training, throw in another 1-2 Qmax sessions a week. Motivation to do the same old exercise routine dips during the festive period. The weather is usually superb around this time with other temptations arising which you can’t say no to. So, if your motivation is waning, get into a class and let one of our amazing training put you through your paces. Circuit training will burn 100 calories in just 12mins!

Tip #4: Swim!!

What do us aussies do a lot of during the summer??… No, I wasn’t thinking about drinking VBs, I was thinking about spending days upon days at the beach. Its got to be Australia’s greatest past time. Anyways instead of just relaxing on the sand working on the tan, hop in the water and go for a swim! Swimming is a great full body workout, with only 13mins of swimming at a moderate pace burning just over 100 calories. If your keen to up the ante, swimming at a high intensity will see you burn 100 calories in only 9 minutes!

Tip #5: Be conscious of what goes into your gob!

So, you have just finished Christmas lunch and you feel like your going to explode, that how full you are. Suddenly dessert comes out and somehow find a tiny bit of extra space to fit some more food in! DON’T! While this tip won’t burn you 100 calories, it most certainly will save you 100 calories from unnecessary eating, which during the holiday season is very easy to do!

So, there you have it guys, my 5 top tips to ensure you don’t cake on the kilos over Christmas but actually lose some! Hopefully when Jan 1st rolls around and its time to make a new year’s resolution yours doesn’t include needing to lose ridiculous amounts of weight!

Blog post courtesy of Jamie De Abreu

Senior Personal Trainer/Qmax Instructor – FNF Southland