At FNF, we love seeing our members achieve their health & fitness goals. Whether it’s running that extra minute on the treadmill, adding an extra kilo during their weights session or seeing their body transform. No matter what the goal is, we love seeing their results and journeys – #myfnf

We wanted to introduce you to Jacquie Brazel. Jacquie is an enthusiastic, hard working member of our Charlestown club, and this year she celebrates 7 years of being a FNF member! Happy anniversary Jacquie!

Here is her story…

Jacquie’s journey started in 2012 when she weighed 105.3kg. Jacquie wasn’t her fittest, to the point where she could barely walk, run or do anything and had troubles with her knee. Fast forward to 2019 and Jacquie is proud to say that she has lost an incredible 45kg now weighing at 60kg. Jacquie can now effortlessly run on the treadmill and has even achieved running 11km in one session!

During her time at FNF, Jacquie has been training with Personal Trainer Michael Davies who has helped her throughout her fitness journey. Since training with Michael, Jacquie can now deadlift 60kgs and bench press 37.5kgs which she is so proud of! On top of her PT sessions, Jacquie also ensures she fits in 3 Qmax classes a week which she absolutely loves! She works on her glutes in her Havana Booty class, building strength in her London Lift class and working on her core in her Miami Abs class.

We asked Jacquie what sets FNF Charlestown apart from other gyms. Jacquie’s response was that the staff and Personal Trainers are very friendly and helpful and she loves the bond she has created with them. They now refer to her as “Braz” while she’s training at the gym.

What motivates Jacquie to train and work hard in each session, whether it is in her Qmax class or with her Personal Trainer, is that she does not want to go back to the way she felt or looked 7 years ago. With that in mind, Jacquie’s goal for 2019 is to deadlift 70kgs and bench press 40 kgs and fit in 2 training sessions a day!

You’re an inspiration Jacquie and we have enjoyed having you as a member for the last 7 years! We can’t wait to see you reach your goals this year and many years to come!