Generating energy, our life force, isn’t just about the food we eat, it is also about the activities we are doing or not doing, as well as our thoughts and emotions.

Here are some ways to enhance your life force.


Even a brisk walk is a good start. Exercise increases our energy, and also helps our moods. When we exercise we increase endorphins and endorphins make us happy. It works in a cycle, the happier you are, the more you will want to exercise too as you’ll have that extra energy. Exercise also helps us get a good night sleep. Being properly rested sets us up for a good energy day.

Eat for Energy

Don’t avoid carbs. If you’re on a ‘no carb diet’, you’ll be tired and lethargic. Our bodies need them, they are important for our mental health and moods too.  Eat foods with a low GI, whose sugars are absorbed slowly to avoid the lag in energy that can occur after eating refined starches. Foods with low GIs include whole grains and high fibre vegetables. It is also essentially you are eating enough food. Restrictive diets or simply not eating enough will run you down. A balanced diet is also important. It can be easy to slip into a routine of eating the same foods every day. But in doing so, you end up eating the same nutrients day in and out, and also skipping on the same nutrients each day.


Dehydration leads to fatigue. It is one of the first signs of tiredness. Drinking water also enchances your performance for almost all activities.

Besides drinking water, even cool water hitting your face can help. It washes off the stresses of the day, stimulating your circulatory system. Freshen up and get a blast of energy.

Control Stress

Stress induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Learn to say no and not take on too much. Set your priorities and important tasks and get rid of the unimportant. Consider help if needed. Meditation, yoga, or going for a walk can all help. Even just sitting quietly for a few minutes, talking deep breaths will calm you inside greatly. Don’t be afraid to take some time off work if you need it, go sit by the beach, clear the mind. Life is for living not working. Go get a massage, get your nails down, maybe just make yourself a cup of tea and stay on the couch. Don’t run yourself down by feeling you have to meet everyone’s expectations, you don’t have to make every friend meet up or attend every Saturday morning BodyPump class. If you don’t want to, so what. Stay home and chill a bit.

Ditch the Energy Vampires

Some people will always bring you down. They will have a negative remark to make about you, a back handed compliment or simply won’t stop bitching and moaning. Negative people can not only bring your mood down, but they also can make you feel stressed in their presence. Stress burns your adrenals, and when your burned out, you have no energy.

Blog post courtesy of Elizabeth Pattalis.

Elizabeth is a registered clinical nutritionist, Personal Trainer and a Pilates instructor for YogaBar. Her mission is to make healthy living simple, realistic and achievable for all her clients. Visit her at