Each year, the FNF Charlestown team like to get behind a charity and do their part to help support and bring awareness to a worthy cause – this year they chose Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue are an organisation who are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by anxiety, depression and suicide – creating a change to help protect everyone.

On June 21st, our Charlestown team opened their doors to members and non-members and encouraged them to take part in their ‘Row for Charity’ event. Their goal was to help raise awareness and funds for individuals and their families affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. Their aim was to raise a total of $5,000 with all proceeds going directly to Beyond Blue.

Every donation our Charlestown team received would help:
– Reduce the impact of depression, anxiety and suicide, by focusing on the mental wellbeing of individuals and their families
– Individuals during the recovery process during times of suffering
– Minimise the risk of facing stigma and discrimination
– Provide opportunities and the tools for individuals that are suffering by giving them access to services that would help support them

So how did our Charlestown team help? Each Personal Trainer formed a team of 4-5 people who pledged to row the equivalent of a marathon on the clubs rowing machines (42.2km roughly). Each team member was given the chance to row the total 42.2km with the exception of Charlestown Personal trainer Matthew Green, who pledged to row the entire 42.2km solo! With a goal of 3 hours to complete it.

So, how did our Charlestown team go?

Through the sweat and tears (there weren’t that many tears) and with the support of their team members, each team did an amazing job and successfully completed the 42.2km row. Personal Trainer Matthew Green blew us all away and rowed the entire 42.2km in just 3 hours and 2 minutes!! 

If you think that is impressive, our Charlestown team finished off the day by raising an incredible $5,400 completely smashing their goal of $5,000!

Well done team! This is such an amazing achievement for such a great cause and we are super proud!