At FNF we love showcasing our FNF fam and sharing their story.

Say hello to FNF Charlestown general manager and Qmax instructor Lewis Quinlivan, who shares how his love for health, fitness and socialising first landed him a position as a FNF Personal Trainer. Lewis then quickly stepped into the role as Qmax instructor and now as club manager!

Lewis’s fitness journey began when he successfully lost an incredible 20kgs which left him feeling better than ever! This gave Lewis the motivation and drive to complete his qualifications in fitness scoring himself a PT gig at FNF Charlestown. With this new role, Lewis was determined to share his knowledge and experience of his own fitness journey to help others achieve their goals. 

After successfully building up his clientele, Lewis quickly realised that he loved teaching group classes and had a natural ability to work in large groups thanks to his awesome people skills. In 2016, Qmax HIIT classes launched at FNF Charlestown where Lewis quickly jumped on the opportunity to become a permanent Qmax instructor. He decided to stop one-on-one sessions to help give him the capacity to fit in Qmax classes and live out his dream to run group training classes. 

Lewis shares “Qmax classes fit my career aspirations perfectly, and being a Qmax Instructor has been extremely rewarding. I personally love the benefits Qmax classes provide which is why I wanted to get involved.”

It’s been 3 years since Lewis first ran his first Qmax class and since then he has delivered over 500 classes to many happy Qmax members! Lewis loves the strong bonds he has created with members and enjoys helping them achieve their goals. 

Lewis shares“it is quite rewarding as an instructor to see how much your members improve over time, the results they achieve, the friendships you form with them and the impact on their life that you have.”

But Lewis’s journey hasn’t stopped there, his efforts as a Qmax instructor and incredible work ethic has secured him a position as club manager at Charlestown, where he manages a superstar team and has created a great club environment for his staff and members. When he doesn’t have his club manager hat on, you can still find Lewis teaching Qmax classes throughout the week. Did you really think he would stop?

We’re very proud of Lewis’s growth and can’t wait to see what great things he does for Charlestown.