At FNF, we love seeing our members succeed in their health and fitness goals and hearing about their journey. Their success becomes our success, and we can’t help but share their achievements!

This brings us to FNF Campbelltown member Llyod Cowan. From a young age, Lloyd admittedly saw food as the answer to his emotions. Whether happy or sad, Lloyd turned to the comfort of a meal. Lloyd shared with us how he got to a point when he saw himself in the mirror and thought “this is all I am.” 

Over the last 10 years, Lloyd’s weight fluctuated as a result of fad diets, inconsistent workout schedules, injuries and lack of motivation. Understanding these challenges gave Lloyd a better idea of how to succeed moving forward. 

When enough was enough of ‘yo-yo dieting’ and exercise, Lloyd had a firm word with himself and set some realistic goals. He then teamed up with an FNF PT, where he was given a meal and workout plan specialised just for him. The support helped him become motivated, consistent with training and more mindful of his eating habits.

As of the last 4 months, Lloyd’s nutrition plan has focused on a caloric deficit which he has achieved through tracking macronutrients. Even though Lloyd may be in a deficit, his new knowledge on nutrition means he can still enjoy the occasional treat, as long as it’s balanced out.

When asked about his journey Lloy shared: “there’s no secret or short cuts, it’s all about consistency, having your goals set and embracing the lifestyle.”

Since starting his journey, Lloyd has lost an incredible 40kg and doesn’t plan on stopping there. He may have lost a huge amount of weight but  he has gained a new lease on life. Lloyd now understands that good health is all round physical, mental and emotional. He explains “a journey like this, cannot be ‘half-arsed’ and it requires a holistic approach to all aspects of one’s self-actualisation.

Lloyd is now the talk of the Campbelltown club! He always receives compliments from staff and members on his incredible transformation and shares “having people notice my progress is all the motivation I need.”

Keep on smashing those goals Lloyd!