Every individual fitness journey is unique and that motivation that pushes each of us to get the work done is different for all. Some of us focus on bettering our health, while others our self-esteem. Sometimes because we decide enough is enough and we want a change.

Our Five Dock FNF member, Connie Mifsud shares her journey  with us and explains what motivated her to become the healthiest version of herself. 

When Connie’s father passed away it was a wake up call for her to change her lifestyle. Then and there she realised two things:

1. Life is too short

2. Things needed to change

Connie decided that her fitness journey needed to start by changing her mindset. Through this Connie was able to adopt a new outlook on her health that would continue to motivate her. She also began training with Five Dock PT Kerem. After their consultation Kerem and Connie approached her training as a force of nature – powerful and unstoppable!

As their client and PT relationship grew, Kerem was able to help Connie replace any negative or destructive thoughts with positive affirmations to keep going and to become a better version of herself. Connie shares Kerem’s philosophy “You can!”  which to her means; when you take a risk and wholly believe in the cause, you see change. This is something Connie lives which helps her push further in her training.

It’s been a year since Connie started her journey and since then, she has improved her overall wellbeing and has lost an incredible 25kgs along the way… With no plans on stopping!

Connie’s new outlook on life is to “seek to be better than the individual I was the day before” with a new goal which is to keep evolving.

Keep up the great work Connie!