Before joining FNF, Shellharbour member Jacob admits that he never focused too much on his health or fitness. Sure, he played basketball and other sports, but he never really took the time to focus on progressing his overall fitness levels.

It wasn’t until he found his love for gridiron, that he decided to dedicate himself to becoming one of the best. Jacob’s ultimate goal was to one day play for Australia and then after, college football in America. 

With big dreams like these, Jacob knew he had to put in the hard work and make a change. He reframed his mindset, started working with FNF PT Damian and focused on training that would help him to become a better player.

Jacob and Damian have been working together for close to two years now, and credits a lot of his success towards Damian. He shared “without his help and guidance, I don’t think I would be where I am today.”

So you may be wondering, where is Jacob now? Is he playing for Australia? Did he make it into college football? Well…

In July 2018, Jacob was selected to play for Australia in the World Cup in Mexico City! Although this was an exciting time for him, he did come across a few hurdles along the way. His gridiron coach at the time suggested that he become “bigger, faster and stronger”. Where some would be discouraged by this suggestion, Jacob actually used this as motivation to encourage him to push further and excel in every single training session (even to this day!).

Having successfully achieved one of his goals, Jacob is still working towards his second one (playing college football in America) which he is making good progress. Throughout his journey, Jacob has come to realise that consistency and dedication are key contributors to succeeding in your goals, and if you put your mind towards something, anything is possible.

Jacob leaves us with one of favourite quotes by NFL linebacker, Ray Lewis:

“It has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with effort! Wins and losses come a dime a dozen, but effort? Nobody can judge that because effort is between you and you.

We’re rooting for you Jacob and can’t wait to see you living out your dream in the America!