October is a very special month for us here at FNF, because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout October, we will be fundraising, holding an OPEN DAY on 24th October (yes, free gym entry and classes* all day long!), sharing tips and bringing awareness to help those who have or who are dealing with this terrible disease.

We have also teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to help raise much needed funds to support their mission of Zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030!

This month we are asking EVERYONE to do their part and check their breasts! Yes guys we are also looking at you! Even though females are more susceptible to this disease, did you know men make up almost 1% of breast cancer cases? So fellas! We encourage you to keep on reading.

Now.. This is the part where things can get a bit awkward – the self check part. If you haven’t done it before, you may feel a bit uncomfortable checking your breasts for the first time, but it’s important to remember that being “breast aware” means you are more likely to spot any early signs of cancer and tackle them head on.

Now let’s get into the “how-to” of self checking.

1. Use your opposite hand to feel your breast, so your right hand to check your left breast and vice versa. Keep fingers straight and together and use the fingertips with a firm, smooth touch.

2. Either start from the nipple, moving outwards in a circular motion, or opt for a more up and down approach. There is no right or wrong way to do the exam, so choose what feels most comfortable for you. It’s important you cover the entire area from your abdomen to your collarbone and from your armpit to the center of your chest.

3. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s important to speak to your GP. 

Below are some key signs to look out for when checking your breasts.

Image courtesy of: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Keeping your breasts nice and safe isn’t just about checking them regularly (which is what we should all be doing), but also adopting a healthy lifestyle and making smart choices. Below are a few key habits to consider if you are not doing them already:

– Reduce your alcohol intake
– Maintain a healthy weight
– Be active!
– Eat well
– Stress less
– No smoking…. Or at least reduce it

It’s understandable in some cases some men and women have no control over their diagnosis, but if we can do what we can to help reduce this risk of breast cancer by ongoing awareness, monthly action and a healthier lifestyle, then we can reduce the number of deaths to ZERO in no time!

For more information on breast cancer screening, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website for more information.

As mentioned above, on October 24th , we will be running an OPEN DAY and will be collecting donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation throughout the day. We encourage you to make a donation big or small on the day or  you can choose to donate online.

*Excludes reformer classes. 

Disclaimer: Please use the above information as general advice. If you do have any concerns or questions, we always recommend speaking to a GP or a medical professional.
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