Over the last few months, we have been overwhelmed by the number of transformation and success stories we have received from our members. As we read through our members journeys, we stumbled across one truly inspirational story. Say hello to Katelyn…

For many years, Katelyn, had been battling an eating disorder, an illness in which 4% of the Australian population are currently dealing with. (www.thebuttterflyfoundation.org.au)

After realising she no longer wanted to suffer from this illness, Katelyn turned to health and exercise to help beat her eating disorder once and for all. Here is what she did.

Firstly, Katelyn started off by setting herself a few manageable goals. These were:

-To get her curves back

-Increase her cardiovascular levels

-Lift heavier weights

Once she had her goals set, it was time for her to take action.

She began by educating herself on nutrition, to help her understand what foods would increase her chances of reaching her goals. It wasn’t until after a lot of research, Katelyn realised she had to drastically change her eating habits and make better choices. She started to eat foods that would help her build muscle and increase weight.

As Katelyn’s knowledge on nutrition and the link between food and the body increased, she noticed her passion for this subject started to grow as well. She decided to take her knowledge further, and later enrolled into TAFE, where she is now studying nutrition! Pretty amazing right?

As Katelyn continued her journey, she realised that eating the right food was only one part of the equation. She knew she had to also balance this with a dedicated training plan, and focus on workouts that would help her reach her goals.

After many months of following this plan, Katelyn is now loving her new body.

She is feeling better than ever and has adopted a whole new outlook on life. She believes that “to achieve your goal, you need to stay consistent and never let setbacks be the reason you give up. If your goal is realistic, then it’s achievable. Always put 100% into what you love and you will thank yourself.

Katelyn speaks lovingly and openly about her journey with the hope to inspire others who may be suffering from an eating disorder. 

We are so proud of how far Katelyn has come and cannot wait to see what other milestones she overcomes.

If you or know someone who might be suffering from this illness, please contact the National Helpline