The festive season has arrived! From Christmas parties to social gatherings, this is usually the one time of the year where you can overindulge on delicious foods (and not feel guilty about it).

While you might be in a happy food coma, your body often will remind you that you probably didn’t need to eat your weight in potatoes to be happy (even though we support it). If you’re feeling bloated or uncomfortable try these yoga poses. Perfect for helping digestion, relieving pressure and can basically be done anywhere!

Extended Puppy Pose – Not only is this a great pose for calming the mind (especially if you’ve had a stressful day Christmas shopping), but it’s very useful for stretching the belly to help relieve cramps, especially after a large meal.

Bridge Pose –  This rejuvenating pose is great for helping improve digestion while simultaneously delivering fresh blood to the heart. It’s also ideal for relieving any fatigue that may be caused by poor digestion.

Reclining Twist – Now this is the type of pose you want to be in especially after a big meal. The Reclining Twist helps “rinse” your internal organs and restore energy back to the body. The twist squeezes and stretches the entire contents of the torso—muscles, nerves, glands, and organs—from the pelvis all the way up through the neck. Cleansing the body from head to toe. ​

Cat-CowPose – The gentle flow between both poses helps massage your organs as you compress and lengthen the intestines. As you rise and lower your torso, you are bringing  fresh blood to the epithelial cells, which are responsible for healthy gut function.​

Revolved Triangle Pose – This is a great twist pose that helps stimulate the abdominal organs. By compressing and subsequently releasing the colon during this pose, you will stimulate the movement of toxins trapped in the body. ​

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