After an easy way to keep working out when you travel? We’ve got you sorted.

We’ve linked up with TrainAway to give FNF members easy access to fitness clubs all over the world. 

Let’s face it: travelling usually means more sleep ins and less gym sessions. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the impacts on our health are rarely positive when we go away. For some of us, this can lead to feeling frustrated knowing that we’ve been working towards our goal, only to lose track when we head out of town and our normal routine is up in the air!

Fortunately for you, we can help you keep on track so when you return home you’re not playing ‘gym time catch up’. 

Fast, easy access to over 1000 fitness clubs worldwide.

FNF have partnered with TrainAway to give our members an easy way to access a wide range of fitness clubs in hundreds of destinations all over the world. This means you can enjoy your holiday and still work towards your fitness goals. All FNF members will be able to access clubs all over North America, Europe and parts of Asia, including popular destinations like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles.

TrainAway is the platform underpinning a global network of fitness clubs, put together to make it just as easy to get into a gym while travelling as it is at home. It’s free to join, takes just a couple of minutes to find a club and buy a day pass, and next thing you know, you could be training in one of New York’s hottest fitness clubs. 

This partnership with TrainAway also means that visitors to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra can buy day pass access to any FNF club simply by using the TrainAway platform. Or, why not speak to our team at reception and ask about upgrading your membership to ‘access all clubs’ today.

How does it work? 

Getting short-term access to a new fitness club takes just four simple steps:

1. Download and sign in to the free TrainAway app
2. Find the club you want to visit and buy your pass
3. Head to the club and show the pass on your phone at reception
4. Enjoy your workout!

Our friends at TrainAway are offering all members 20% off all passes until 31st December. Simply use the code FNF20 at checkout and claim your pass today!

Start exploring your next fitness destination by heading to and stay on track when travelling!