Hallelujah! The rain has finally arrived! Although this has taken some of the pressure off our firies and communities who have been battling the recent bushfires, there is still help that is desperately needed.

This is where we wanted to step in. 

As a proudly owned Australian company, we wanted to show our support during this time of hardship and help make a difference.

What we’ll be doing

On Tuesday January 21st, we will be donating 100% of all joining fees plus any bottled water sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery, WIRES Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Victoria.

We will also be running special events and fundraisers in clubs, and holding special activities throughout the year to show our continuous support. Speak to your club’s team to find out more!

To further show our support to all that have been affected by the bushfires, we have also made an additional company donation to the above charities.

How you can help

We’ve highlighted below some ways in which you can help show your support. From helping communities who have lost everything, to supporting the brave firies who risk their lives every single day. A little can go a very long way.

Give generously

The best way to help the Australian bushfire crisis is money. By offering any amount of financial support it means that communities can rebuild from the wreckage, animals are given safe havens and our hero firefighters are supported wherever possible. 

Donate blood

Even if you’re not in a position to donate financially to the bushfire criss right now you can still help.

These devastating fires have not only affected communities but have forced donor centres across NSW, QLD and VIC to close. This is having a massive effect on the national blood supply. Roll up your sleeve and find your nearest donor centre here

Let’s come together to support our country, to support our people and support our wildlife, and let’s save the future of Australia.