Why Work With Us

As Australia’s largest privately owned and operated fitness company, we aim to inspire our members to pursue a healthier, fitter life and nurture and encourage our employees to progress their career. At FNF, we reward and incentivise success through promotions and progressions – you can be sure your milestones will never be overlooked.

FNF is built off a community culture, meaning you can rely on us to support and motivate you to grow and progress your career. Our learning and development programs, internal progression opportunities, open-door management techniques combined with ‘work perks’ ensure you will love representing us every day.


We know and value the importance of work life balance and we think this will help!


Depending on what capacity you work in, your role may attract generous performance based bonus structures that will reward you for all your hard work!


Combining formal and informal training to take your skills and knowledge of the fitness industry to new heights.


We want to ensure that we can help you learn and grow in your career, so we will always let you know when a role becomes available that can provide you with a step up or a movement in the direction you want to take!


For staff that meet our selection criteria to undertake their Certificate III in Fitness while being supported and mentored by those around you!


If you let us know about a great PT and we bring them in to run a business within one of our clubs, we’ll reward you financially!


Membership Service Coordinators

Membership Service Coordinators (MSCs) are the face and backbone of our clubs. You’ll combine your excellent customer service skills, sales knowledge and administration wizardry to deliver outstanding service to new and existing members alike! This role has huge potential for growth, with some MSCs going on to become club managers, PT superstars and even making a move to Head Office!


Assistant Managers

A step up from the Membership Service Coordinator, our assistant managers are the go-to when our general manager is not available. You have to be a jack of all trades and assist with all areas of the business including; sales; administration; customer service and in-club HR. You’ll be a master of motivation ensuring your team runs happily and efficiently; making sure as a club, you achieve all your goals!


Club Manager

At the helm of every Fit n Fast club is a true master – a General Manager who inspires their team through leading by example. Our GMs are multi taskers of the highest calibre; managing sales, recruitment, customer service and everything in-between! It is up to you to motivate your team to help provide the best fitness journey possible for members and ensure your club always comes out on top!


Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers are motivation leaders, fitness supporters and well-being advocates. They are the face of the gym floor, ready to lead and guide our members on their fitness journey, whatever their goal may be! Build relationships and your own business in unison!


Senior Personal Trainers

As established Personal Trainers within each Fit n Fast club, our Senior PT’s continue to enjoy the financial and emotionally rewarding benefits of running their own business in addition to acting in a leadership role, mentoring PT’s within their club. As a Senior PT, you’ll guide your team of new and experienced trainers through structured business training and practical development to take their career to the next level. You’ll also facilitate the growth of the PT team in your club by attracting and recruiting top talent. In return for your hard work we’ll help you in running your business by providing career growth opportunities and the chance to operate rent free!


QMAX Instructor

Group Training is all about high energy workouts, motivation and creating an environment that all members want to be a part of, which is exactly what our Qmax instructors do best! They lead members of various fitness levels through high intensity workouts, meaning they need an adaptable skillset to safely guide all participants while pushing every individual to their personal “max”. Qmax instructing is the perfect platform to gain exposure, showcase your skillset and build rapport with your Q-mmunity, making it a great stepping stone into PT and a continued lead generation opportunity for our more experienced trainers.


Head Office

Our dedicated HQ team work around the clock to ensure every club runs smoothly. From HR, finance, IT and marketing to customer service, operations and construction; our HQ offers a fun, quirky team environment where you will be able to progress your chosen career path while being part of a growing business and thriving industry!

Personal Training

why work with us as a PT?

Whether you’re fresh in the industry and looking for your launch pad to kick-start your career or an experienced industry professional seeking a change, FNF can provide you with the foundations required to develop your business and grow your skills. We love to watch you grow and take pride in your success.

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We aim to create a happy, progressive working environment for all our PTs. Our rental system is designed with flexibility and freedom in mind; you are your own boss and we never take a cut of your income or cap your earning capacity. You should come to work because you love your role; this belief is the crux of our ‘no lock-in’ policy.

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  • Amelia Marshall

    “I love being able to go to work and see a bunch of bright happy faces doing what I am most passionate about day in and day out, and I'm so glad I get to be part of that at Fit n Fast"

  • Nehemie Mombo-Mouele

    “Fit n Fast helped me build a career as a personal trainer and gave me the opportunity to upskill myself. I am proud to be a part of the team, which I consider like my second family."

  • Dean Vassalli

    “I started off as a member and always liked how friendly the trainers were. I worked up the courage to apply for a PT position and now I’m happily running a successful PT business.”

  • Jamie Walker

    "Fit n Fast gave me the confidence and facility to build my client base, AND I keep 100% of my earnings"

  • Jamie De Abreu

    “Becoming a PT and Qmax Instructor at Fit n Fast has shaped me into the person I am today! The staff and members I work with on a daily basis make me bounce out of bed into a job which doesn't feel like work, I'm grateful for the environment I work in!”

  • Ryan Florido

    "I’m in my forties and can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. Becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor has literally turned my life around with no going back!"