It’s no surprise that most males have an aversion to doing cardio. We’d rather pick up some heavy weights and perform big showy moves than go for an hour long treadmill run or participate in a Step class. But where the average man fails to sweat it out weights free, it appears to be quite the opposite with most women who are less likely to be seen on the weights room floor.

“I want to lose weight and tone up” is the overwhelming fitness goal for many women and the result seems to be endless hours each week spent focussing on cardio driven workouts with little to no emphasis on any strength or resistance training. There are numerous reasons for this and the biggest concern appears to be a ‘fear of getting bulky’. If you are a woman and are concerned about this, please don’t be.

You simply do not have the level of testosterone in your body (compared to males) to be able to carry a bulky physique. Yes there are muscular women out there in gym land, but what separates them from you are hormone supplements, high protein diets, plenty of training volume and their genetics.

Resistance training should be your friend and you should be including this in your weekly exercise activity. The effect of lifting weights is simply this; having more muscle equates to a higher metabolism and calorie burn (even during rest periods) and a higher metabolism means more effective fat loss. Winning!

The Quickie Max London Lift class I instruct is all about resistance training. Whilst you’re anaerobic system may not be as challenged as other classes such as Tokyo Attack or New York H.I.I.T, the pace and style of London Lift will definitely test your fitness abilities.

London Lift uses a 45 second active period followed by a long 30 second recovery period. The selected exercises are mostly compound by nature (movements that work multiple muscle groups) such as rope climbs, heavy power sleds, renegade rows and clean & presses to name a few.

So whether you’re a male or female, this class is suitable for both parties. Yes guys, you can lift weights and get in a great cardio workout too. And yes girls, you can do cardio, lose weight and build muscle all at the same time.

If you find you do more cardio than resistance training, or vice versa, then London Lift is the great equalizer as it gives you the best of both worlds!

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Ryan Florido

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