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11 tips to improve your sleep

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 31 August 2015

Most of us hit a time in our lives where we just don't feel like we are getting a good enough sleep and it can be really frustrating! But do not fear, The Resilience Institute Australia provides these tips for resetting your body clock and getting a perfect night’s sleep:

1. Commit to a regular wake up time – preferably around dawn.

2. Get vigorous exercise early in the day.

3. Take powernaps for 15 minutes after lunch.

4. Avoid caffeine after 2pm.

5. Have an early and light evening meal.

6. Ditch TV, laptops and gadgets after 7pm (or at least two hours before bed).

7. Ensure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet.

8. Remove TV, phones and laptops from the bedroom.

9. Develop a relaxation routine before sleep.

10. Discharge sleep debt by going to bed early (rather than sleeping in).

11. Aim for seven to eight hours sleep per night.