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Achieving those "Killer Abs"

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 07 May 2015

We’ve all at one stage stayed up way past our bedtime, watching late-night infomercials that advertise the latest ‘revolutionary’ home fitness equipment. Those celebrity-endorsed, ‘Money Back Guarantee’ inventions that promise to give us a washboard six-pack -  in just 5 minutes a day!!

However sceptical we may be about the “New AbTronic 3000”, it is true that for the majority of us, toned, well-defined abs represent the ‘Holy Grail’ of fitness training.

While innovation and technology may have evolved immeasurably in the last few thousand years, the design of the human body has fortunately stayed the same.

Our abdominals and core have evolved to bend, to twist, to stabilise and to support, and it is through these movements that we remind our body of what it is designed to do.

And when we remind our body often enough, the results can be pretty amazing !!

Here are 5 of the most effective exercises to achieve those killer abs :


V Sits



Russian Twists



Side Plank Rotation







If you are looking for further guidance on core training, a qualified personal trainer can help you develop a safe and effective program and ensure you are recruiting the correct muscles needed to get the results you want.

Written by 

Darren Scotson

Senior Personal Trainer at Westfield Sydney (CBD)

Darren can be contacted on;

Email: or

Mobile: 0403 237674