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Get healthy fast by being slow

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 10 May 2012

Whoever said fast food was bad for you! Whoever said pork ribs were fast food, or even curried sausages? Times are changing and staying healthy, eating fast food has never been easier. Fast food being healthy I hear you ask? That’s right, fast food can be healthy, it’s all about what you mean by fast or should we say slow. Mums, dads, single parents, singles, doubles, nannas, grand dads, young first out of home adults....surely you get that basically everyone should be hitting the new craze of healthy fast eating. It’s simple, it’s easy and whilst it may be slow, it ends up being fast in the end and has two words... SLOW COOKER!They have been around for ages, yet they still haven’t hit everyone yet. They are the easiest way to healthy eating and it being fast. We have spoken to a recent slow cooker convert single executive and mum of 2, Nic says it all: “What more could you want really, when you work long hours and have kids, it’s made my nights so easy and simple and fast. Before I leave for work, I put in a whole chicken with a little bit of stock or white wine, a pinch of salt and whatever vegies I can find (the kids favourites are potatoes and beans, I am a little partial to some mushy’s and asparagus). Turn it on low and leave for the day. The best thing is when you are sitting at work thinking about what to do for dinner and you remember it’s done is like you have won lotto. You come home, take everything out plate up and eat. That’s fast food in my books! Oh and no fat other than what’s in the food already, so I know we are getting great food that’s healthy for the whole family.” So for those of you that love a good rack of can now have your fast food fix the healthy slow way. Simply marinade them in whatever you like, throw them in the slow cooker in the morning and bingo...ribs it is that night with no need for any fat! Oh and let’s not forget the one other benefit, you don’t need to use expensive cuts of meat, cause they all become tender after 8 hours, so save a little cash, while you eat healthy. Do you have a fast food favourite that can be done in a slow cooker and be healthy? Let us know?