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How to stay motivated during the colder months

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 09 May 2017

I have lived and breathed this industry for all of my adult life and if there is one thing that I can be certain of it is that the gym is going to get quieter and quieter over the next couple of months. Why does this happen? I can hypothesize, but the answers are probably fairly obvious. It’s cold, it’s dark, you are wearing more clothes so what does it matter if you gain a few kilos, right? They can be covered up anyhow. Those are true and valid points, to a degree.

However, the problem with taking such a position is that it means you are spending 6-9 months of the year having to undo 3-6 months of laziness. It then also means that you are never really making any true progress as your health, fitness, feelings of self-worth and wellbeing are never improving at the end of your self-imposed training cycle. It is not worth it.

If you feel your determination and motivation starting to wane, try the below tips and suggestions before you start your winter hibernation!

1.      Get a Personal Trainer – shameless plug here, sure. But the evidence absolutely indicates that you are more likely to stay on track with your training and goals if you elicit the help of a Personal Trainer. I know for a fact that I will only see a drop of 5-10% of my client base when the rest of the gym is looking at a 30-40% drop in clientele.

2.      Train for an event – there is nothing more motivating than a short term goal and for those of you in Sydney the City to Surf is a great little side goal to set to keep you really motivated throughout the winter. There are plenty of other events to enter or focus on, so try to find one and it will help.

3.      Set a new goal – if you have a long term weight loss goal, for example, try setting a shorter term goal to keep you focussed through winter. If you have a strength or fitness goal, do the same.

4.      Embrace the weather – due to the nature of human thermoregulation we are actually going to increase our basal metabolic rate during winter in order to keep our core body temperature elevated when it is cold. You will literally use more calories in winter than in summer meaning that it should actually be easier to lose weight in winter than in summer.

5.      Focus on the outcome not the input – when it is 8 degrees outside at 5:00am it is awfully easy to hit the snooze button. But as I tell all of my clients, the hardest part of training is walking through the front door and you always feel better walking out than walking in. Focus on how good training makes you feel as opposed to how hard it is.

6.      Reward yourself – if you keep your fitness going throughout winter book in a pampering weekend away, or buy the golf clubs you’ve been holding out for or a family weekend away at the end of the journey. You would have earned it by then!


For any tips or advice please contact one of the fantastic Personal Trainers in your nearest Fit n Fast Gym and they will be ready to help as soon as you need it!


Yours in Health!

Blog post courtesy of Chris Dounis, Senior Personal Trainer at Fit n Fast St Peters

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