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Keeping Motivated in Winter

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 17 June 2015

Winter is generally a time where if you’re an early bird or a night owl in the gym you slowly find yourself making excuses to skip workouts. Something that I emphasise to my clients is that this is not a good enough excuse to be changing your workout and nutrition behaviour. Doing this can undo many hard weeks or months of dedication that you spent on yourself.

A strong tool that I have used over my years as a trainer and my individual training is to not “fall off the wagon” and to know what you are working towards, that is having goals. Having goals both with training and dietary is a valuable tool to keep you powering through. It allows you to have direction, control and responsibility for where you want to go in training. 

Often I meet clients that have the big picture with where they want to be but generally have no direction with how they are going to get there and in time they lose direction which often in results in stopping all together. An action plan such as setting small short term goals are a great way to keep an individual motivated and working consistently hard. This gives them a purpose each week to have something to work towards.

For example a person wanting to lose 20kg over the winter to achieve that rocking’ summer body can create a halfway goal mark of 10kg. To get there this person must approximately safely lose between 0.5kg-1.5kg weekly to hit that goal. To achieve this they need a realistic workout schedule tailored by a professional to suit their lifestyle. Once they reach 10kg they then set new goals to reach the next 10kg loss. These short term goals create a sense of achievement to help the person eventually acheive the overall goal of 20kg!

Often people become bored with their workout and use this and the cold weather as a valuable reason to ease up on the exercise. Creating fun, fast, effective workouts are a great way to stay interested.

Make sure you always switch up your routine/exercise selection every 6-8weeks; this allows you to keep interested and also keep results consistent. Minimising rest time or having an active recovery during your weight sessions will also increase your workout intensity making you sweat and burn more. 

The biggest motivator I can suggest is to keep powering through and don't give up. Think of how damn good you are going to feel once summer approaches and how all the dedication, hard work and commitment is going to pay off!

Written by 

Corey Tobin

Senior Personal Trainer at Penrith

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