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Qmax vs other providers

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 19 October 2016

We understand that there are competitors out there who offer Functional Training classes to help with weight loss, strength etc, but we are here to tell you how Qmax stands out from the rest!
1. Qmax memberships start from as little as $21 per week where you can select from commitment or non-commitment membership types suitable to your needs! Other providers may not have flexible membership options and can range between $60 - $80 per week!

2. The Qmax membership also allows you access to all Fit n Fast facilities all day any day! Other providers only allow you to access classes at allocated times. So not only can you access our Qmax classes, you also utilise our extensive gym facilities, including large weights area, cardio theatre and highly skilled Personal Training team at times that suit you!

3. Qmax offers a variety of signature classes designed to push you to the max! Some providers only offer the same class everyday.

4. We offer a range of 30 - 45min signature classes suitable for your schedule, other providers may only offer 45min classes which may not suit your daily routine.

5. Qmax is non-intimidating and everyone of all fitness levels are welcome to take part. Some providers offer classes based on the "super fit".

6. Qmax classes are run in a spacious & motivating environment to give you enough room to work out! Some providers run their classes in small cramped rooms.

7. With a Qmax membership, you are not restricted! If you are not near your local  Qmax club, you still have access to any other Qmax location in Australia. Other providers may only allow you to access 1 location.

We have 18 Qmax locations throughout Australia offering the ideal setting to get your energy up and push yourself to your max! Click here to see which Qmax location is near you and fast-track your fitness goals today!