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Shanghai Box – the Workout that packs a punch!

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 06 March 2017

Our brand new Shanghai Box classes started at Qmax on March 6th and so now is a great time to look at the many benefits of boxing. Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner Manny Pacquiao or just looking for new ways of training, here’s how it will help you achieve your goals;

1)      Calorie Burn – Our Shanghai box class will be similar to a HIIT session whereby you’re performing short intervals of high intensity exercise, complimented with short rest breaks. This keeps your body guessing and in turn burns calories not just in your workout, but even after you’ve left the gym with the “after burn effect”.

2)      Lean Muscle – The zone we work in when boxing not only burns fat but also promotes lean muscle growth. Ever noticed a boxer’s body? The toned arms, the ripped abs… enough said!

3)      Core Strength – Throwing punches just with your arms would actually be very inefficient. A good boxer will drive power from both the legs and core to maximise their punches. Along with the continual rotation and balance to steady ones self, it can be a killer core workout.

4)      Endurance – While we are working in short intervals, the combined time of the class starts to work in our endurance zone making it a game of stamina not just physically but also maintaining mental sharpness!

5)      Co-ordination – Along with the mental aptitude it takes to remember combinations, your body is working hard to make it all look good! This can is great for increased co-ordination, agility and balance.

6)      Self Confidence – Learning new skills and seeing yourself improve is always a great feeling. Hearing the sound of your jab ‘snap’ as you hit the sweet
spot can go a long way to boosting self confidence and self esteem, and that’s even before you start seeing the physical changes in your body to match.

7)      Stress Relief – Exercise has been proven repeatedly to decrease stress and increase serotonin and therefor your mood. At the end of the day, punching something just feels good, so combine this with the element of exercise and you’re onto a winner!

Boxing really is a versatile tool for achieving a range of fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced boxer, Shanghai will provide a tough and engaging work out for all. Our Qmax instructors are pumped to take you through your first class, and hope to see you all on the football field soon!

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Lauren Jeffries

Regional Fitness Manager

Head Programmer for Qmax