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Qmax Success Story - Sheree Ridding

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 21 October 2016

I started my Qmax journey 5 weeks ago at my local Fit n Fast Shellharbour gym. I had joined this gym about the same time last year with the hope of loosing around 15 kgs. 


When Qmax first launched, I was apprehensive but knew I needed to make a change as my weight had fluctuated up and down in the past year. I was ready to put in the hard work, I knew I'd see results if I just put my head down and trust the Qmax instructors.


I must admit, the first week was difficult, my body hurt in places that had never hurt before, I did 4 sessions with Damian, Sophie and Melissa, and I decided to make a change to my diet and eat all the right things. I was sore but knew it was for the right reasons so pledged to do at least 4 sessions again the following week.


Week 2 came around and I was still settling in, I knew I was onto something good because I started to feel a little stronger than the week before.


In week 3 I did 5 sessions and could start to do exercises I thought were impossible to do at the start, by this point I was now feeling fitter and knew I could keep going. I decided to weigh myself as I felt my clothes were starting to feel looser, and to my surprise I'd lost 4.7 kgs since the start of my Qmax journey. My Qmax instructors too were seeing my results and when they had learned of my loss, they were so encouraging and supportive - I really feel that my achievement was also theirs.


By week 4, I realised going to the gym and Qmax was no longer a chore but something I look forward to each day. Turning 40 and being a mum to 3 active girls, I wanted to do this for me, I was seeing results and loving it! (by this time I was at a 6kg loss). 


My children do squad training at the nearby pool every day, so I find it really easy to fit in Qmax sessions as they only last 30-45mins, so by the time I drop my children off and then go to the gym, I'm finished just in time to pick the girls up and cook dinner. 

I have just completed my 5th week of Qmax sessions and feel so much stronger! I've now lost 7kgs and I feel amazing! I can't wait to see what happens to both my mind and body as I continue with my Qmax journey. 








Do you have a Qmax success story to share? Speak to the general manager of your local Fit n Fast club and we'll happy to share your amazing success!