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Treat yourself to a healthy Sunday roast dinner

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 25 February 2013

If you're aiming or maintaining a healthier lifestyle then it's a no brainer that you need to have balance - that's in your workouts and also your food intake. If we deprive ourselves from food in order to shift the weight quicker, then it's a well know fact that this is not sustainable and the body tends to pour the pounds on quicker when you return to your old eating habits. So, it's a super Sunday today, and that means a trusty Sunday Roast right? ;-) It's cold and what better way to bump up your iron, protein, carbs, vitamin and mineral intake by charging your body up with a healthy roast dinner....and why not add your favourate glass of vino to it also ;-)If you eat what you want at times, and in moderation, it will only assist you to reach your health,weight loss and fitness goals quicker. So, get that apron on, pour yourself a glass of vino and let's get cooking. Turkey is one of the lowest calorie meats and it's damn tasty too! This is what you will need to make a yummy scrummy Sunday roast for the family. It contains around 400 calories and include the vino and you're probably hitting 500 max. Times online pick and mix diet's roast dinner is one of our favs - here's what they suggest: 1. ROAST DINNER 100g of lean turkey 150g of potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, spring greens, courgettes, sweetcorn. Choose any or all of these vegetables Gravy Roast meat on a rack to drain off excess fat. Make gravy, using a stock cube and some cornflour, with the water drained from the vegetables. So remember, a roast dinner can be quick, healthy and most importantly...yummy! We'd love to know what recipes you'd suggest for a Sunday dinner..hit us up below in the comments section!