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What is the best type of exercise for weightloss?

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 13 February 2015

Despite the common misconception of cardio being the best, the answer is actually weight training. Lifting weights keeps your metabolism elevated for longer post workout which means your burning calories even after leaving the gym compared to cardio where our metabolism returns to its resting rate almost immediately.

Strength training also means we have a higher percentage of lean muscle which elevates our normal/resting metabolic rate meaning we burn more calories even while resting.

Cardio can still help with weight loss and is obviously awesome for boosting fitness levels but for the best bang for your buck, lift heavy weights with limited rest so you fit the most in, in the shortest time.




The simple answer is no!! Females do not have the same hormone (testosterone) levels as males meaning we don’t have the genetic disposition to add muscle bulk. There may be some females who’s build will make them appear muscly more quickly but if their nutrition and style of weights training is correct they will become lean not bulky.

The best style of training for those concerned about bulking is either interval style training with weights or super setting their weights so that the heart rate stays elevated and they burn calories at the same time.