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Why am I not losing weight?!

  • Posted by Catherine Tumelty
  • 13 March 2017

Losing weight is tricky! There are dozens of things to think about and control…here are a few of the most common things people overlook on their weight loss journey…

1. Planning a good fat loss programme is like problem solving, you need to work out what helped your progress and what hindered it.

To do this requires an objective eye – if you end up crying into a tub of Nutella when your weight doesn’t drop 2kg in a week, then you’re too emotionally involved. If your progress stalls, take a step back and assess objectively.

2. Losing body fat requires consistency.

The best nutrition and training plans to follow are the ones you can stick to for long periods of time. Being a ‘Diet-Magpie’ and hopping onto the next new, shiny juice cleanse will get you nowhere.


 3. Fat loss takes time, especially sustained fat loss.

Stop looking for the quick fixes – be patient and make changes to daily habits over time…things will slot into place. 

4. Don’t take things to their extremes.

You’re much better eating 80% of the right stuff 7 days a week vs. 100% for 5 days and 0% for 2 days. Find a balance throughout the whole week and work out coping strategies for the weekends

5. Don’t cut out too much food too soon, or throwing the kitchen sink at your training on day one.

Keep something in the tank for later on down the line when your progress may begin to stall (see number 1). Cut your calories slowly, add in different training techniques gradually (interval training, steady state cardio, complexes etc etc). Slowly slowly catchy monkey.


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Josh has an MSc in Sport Nutrition and a BSc in Sports Science and Physiology. This, along with his own body transformation, has given him an in depth understanding of human physiology and how it can be best manipulated for performance and physique goals.