Name: Lawrence Mendoza

Age: 24 years old

Training Experience: 4 years of weight training

Goal: To compete in his First Bodybuilding Competition on May 20th 2017


Why do you train?

I want to be fit and healthy. I train so that I can be more active and able with my everyday life.

Why did you decided to do a body building competition?

I want to prove to people that anything is possible no matter what your circumstance may be, just as long as put your mind to it. I also want to inspire people to chase their dreams and goals no matter how big or small.

Words from Lawrence:

-HARDWORK is what gets you results whether you’re young or old.

-Having a healthy active life will give you a better quality of life and allow you to live longer.

Lawrence is currently training at Fit n Fast Rouse Hill 6 days a week. His PT is Adriane Capuyon at Rouse Hill Fit n Fast.

If you want to follow Lawrence’s inspiring journey, follow him on:


Snapchat: lilrence93