Hi my name is Ben and this is my Fit n Fast success story.

Every time I would walk past the Fit n Fast club in Forest Hill, I would look into the club and see a lot of people exercising and training. As I walked past, a voice inside me would say “you should do something about your body” and “you are overweight, way too over now” so that encouraged me to go into the club and sign up. I didn’t realise at the time, but I knew this would be the start of something new for me.

At the beginning I was doing a lot of cardio such as running and cycle, I had no friends or a personal trainer to support me, I just had myself to motivate and inspire – I have to admit, it was harder than I thought. Since January 2015, I have lost 15kg! It took me almost half year to get down to 75kg from 90kg! I have now moved onto using free weights to try and build muscle and strength.

Since joining Fit n Fast two years ago, I have made a lot of new friends who I have started to train with and who also teach me new things along the way. People around the club have also started to see changes in my body and have felt inspired and have asked how I got to where I am now – they have even asked to join in my training.

My background is Chinese and I can tell you guys that Chinese people do a lot less in the gym compared to western people; I think it is because the difference in our culture, nothing else.Since joining I now have encouraged 5 of my Chinese friends to join who really enjoy training here. We usually train 3-4 days a week which has helped us spend time together while getting strong at the gym.

I am very happy that I have encouraged people around me to start taking part in sports and exercise, because I know they feel a lot better compared to how they were feeling before.

Life can be better only if you want to change it.

I just hope by sharing my success story I can inspire others to do the same.