On the 4th of May our PT team at Westfields Sydney donated their time to help people walk a mile on our treadmills to help raise money for the Monash Childrens Hospital. 

The event, run by Disney, was to promote the new Star Wars film whilst raising money for the Monash Children’s Hospital. It was also in support of Scott Loxley, who is currently walking around Australia in a Sandtrooper costume to raise money for this same Charity.

Scott Loxley has covered more than 12,000km so far on this walk and is on track to raise $100,000. He has journeyed through all sorts of terrain and was even bitten by a deadly brown snake but was fortunately saved by his white sandtrooper armour! He is truly amazing!

It was a really fun event for a very important cause!

Here are some Pics:

Personal trainers dressed as storm troopersFit N Fast trainers at Westfield SydneyStorm Trooper flexing muscles at gym in SydneyPersonal Trainer walking on treadmillStormtrooper walking on treadmill at gym in Sydney eventR2D2 on treadmill at Westfield Sydney gym