Holiday Hours

Our opening hours during
Australia Day (Sat 26th & Mon 28th)

SAT 26th - 24 hour Clubs

Normal hours, please refer to individual club pages

MON 28th - 24 hour Clubs

*Unstaffed unless specified below

*While unstaffed, the club will still allow access for members as per normal.


  • – Wetherill Park will be staffed 11am – 7pm.

SAT 26th - Non 24 hour Clubs

Normal hours unless specified below


  • – Liverpool St hours will be 9am – 2pm.

Non 24 hour Clubs

10AM – 6PM


Qmax are the high intensity, instructor lead functional classes guaranteed to push you to your max. Designed to improve strength, aid weight loss, boost stamina and increase fitness and athletic performance, our signature Qmax classes can be found in every one of the FNF clubs and are suitable for all levels of fitness. Mix up your workout routine and fast track your results with Qmax!


Various exclusive FNF clubs feature YogaBar studios on site. YogaBar offers a range of barre, pilates, meditation and reformer classes. YogaBar studios are the perfect place to hit the reset button and challenge your body and mind. Whether you’re yoga-pro or yoga-clueless, flexible, tight, a fanatic or just clueless, YogaBar offers something for everybody!

Personal Training

Do you need assistance starting on your fitness journey? Or maybe a little boost in motivation? Our team of highly skilled personal trainers are always on hand to guide, motivate or simply lend a helping hand to ensure you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to get fitter, take part in a sporting challenge, recovering from injury, or simply want to feel better our FNF PT team are able to tailor design your workout to achieve the results you want.

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