Become A PT


Whether you’re fresh in the industry and looking to kick-start your career or an experienced industry professional seeking a change, FNF can provide you with the foundations required to develop your business and grow your skills. We love to watch you grow and take pride in your success. Take a look below to see why you should join ranks with the rest of Team FNF…

PT-Centric Mentality

We drive all members to incorporate PT into their training, fuelling your business with leads.


Fitness Australia accredited development program comes with 7 CEC's to help you build your skills.


Stay because you’re successful and happy!

Be paid to prospect

Qmax High Intensity Group Training Classes provide the opportunity to be paid to deliver high energy classes and grow your PT profile at the same time.

24/7 Access & Extensive Facilities

24 hour access in most clubs to our extensive strength, cardio, functional and free weights facilities, suiting you and your clients needs.

Team Culture & Loyalty

Our trainers support each other to raise the profile of PT in every club. We reward you with benefits the longer you’re with us, including additional rent free weeks and memberships to give to potential clients.

Your salary, your choice

Our rental structure means that you will earn exactly what you invest into yourself and your business.


If you're an experience PT, we provide you with continued growth and challenge to take your career to new heights. If you're new, we provide an excellent starting platform for focused and determined starters who are looking for a foot in the door.

Career Opportunities

Our company has multiple health and fitness brands, providing many opportunities to broaden your horizons or grow into a leadership role



    You can expect to hear from our lovely recruitment team within 1-3 days of submitting your application online!


    This is a face to face meet and greet with the General Manager and/or Senior PT of the club you apply at. You’ll have a more detailed discussion about the opportunity and our PT structure, as well as being able to check out the club and you can see the exciting environment you would be establishing your business within.


    If you rock that 1st interview then we will be in touch within 48 hours to invite you back into the club for a practical interview! This is where you can flex your knowledge and technical skillset.

  • OFFER!

    You smashed it and we can’t wait to have you on board! If successful to this point, our managers will run you through our PT business model, map out your goals and answer any further questions you may have.


  • Micaela McLachlan

    “From Part time MSC to Personal Trainer, I have gained the knowledge and experience I need to excel and most importantly do what I love."

  • Dean Vassalli

    “I started off as a member and always liked how friendly the trainers were. I worked up the courage to apply for a PT position and now I’m happily running a successful PT business.”

  • Nehemie Mombo-Mouele

    “Fit n Fast helped me build a career as a personal trainer and gave me the opportunity to upskill myself. I am proud to be a part of the team, which I consider like my second family."

  • Jamie De Abreu

    “Becoming a PT and Qmax Instructor at Fit n Fast has shaped me into the person I am today! The staff and members I work with on a daily basis make me bounce out of bed into a job which doesn't feel like work, I'm grateful for the environment I work in!”


    "Fit n Fast gave me the confidence and facility to build my client base, AND I keep 100% of my earnings"


    "I’m in my forties and can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. Becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor has literally turned my life around with no going back!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting your PT Career
  • You need your certificate 3 & 4 in fitness. You need a current First Aid and CPR qualification. You need to be registered with Fitness Australia as a registered exercise professional. You need to have your own ABN. You need to have your own business insurance

  • A rental model for personal trainers refers to paying rent to the gym in return for accessing the gyms member base, using their equipment and working under their branding. The benefits here are that you get ALL the money you make from your clients. You also have the ability to make as much money as you want – There is no capped income. Working under your own ABN as a contractor allows you to take your business systems in whichever direction you desire.

    An employment model refers to the trainer getting paid a base rate per hour by the gym (between $20-$35p/hour), with the facility taking a cut. This option may be great for income stability and security, and could be a good option for new trainers in the industry looking for a bit of experience, but the control from your end gets vastly taken away.

  • As mentioned previously, the best way to manage your time is to be present in the gym during ALL peak times, to give yourself the best chance of maximum exposure when starting out. Working long, 15 hour days are great, but a minimal amount of members will see you in off-peak time. If working these long days are taking its toll, make sure that you give yourself enough down time to have 100% energy during peak times to give yourself the best chance of making a great impression. Focus your time and energy into booking as many complimentary sessions off the floor as possible – This is where you do the groundwork.

  • There is no correct answer here. However, successful trainers in the industry treat this as a full time job, meaning they’re spending more than 8 hours a day in their club, building their business. The best trainers sometimes spend up to 12-15 hours a day in the first few weeks, attending to all aspects of their business, including being on the gym floor, greeting members at reception, doing complimentary PT sessions and calling leads, just to name a few. Be aware of your gyms peak times and ensure you are there during these times, to access the most members.

  • As a company, FNF pride ourselves on providing top class trainer development when we bring on a new personal trainer and this begins as soon as you’re offered the position. We have a PT induction, which is held over 2 days at our Five Dock club, where you will learn all about how to be not just a successful trainer at FNF, but a successful business owner – We cover how to sell personal training, how to put together your basic forms and systems, how to progress exercises and the PT Manager will introduce you to the basic aspects of induction, during pre-induction development.

    Once you’ve been to induction and started in your club, you will continue to meet with your Senior PT and/or General Manager every week to go over various topics to help cover all of the common questions new trainers have.

Selling and Managing your Services
  • You can get your clients down many avenues. Below are all the different ways you can obtain new clients and start getting paid.

    Ø  P.O.S PT Packs: Most gyms have a personal training introduction package for members to purchase upon signing up. This lead is distributed out to you, and this is an opportunity for you to WOW the member and turn them into a paying client (If in rental model). If you’re in an employment model, this will be where the majority of your leads will come from as the gym will issue you the lead and take a cut of the initial payment.

    Ø  Prospecting: Your job as a trainer is to add value to members in the gym. This will occur 99% of the time on the gym floor by offering complimentary sessions. Your ability to have quality conversations with members and add value to their training knowledge and practical experience is vital in being successful in the industry. Give them a reason to want to pay you to teach them more.

    Ø  Referrals: If your clients are happy with their training, they’re going to tell their friends! The better service you provide your clients, the happier they’ll be and the more willing they will be in talking about your service to family and friends. This is the best way to generate leads, as is requires no effort on your end. Your client does it all for you!

    Ø  Promotions: Create a promotion to entice people to try your services. This usually starts with complimentary PT sessions, as this is our bread and butter to show some value to members and give them a taste of what we are all about.

  • Giving out programs as a PT used to be frowned upon as the expectation was that the member would take the program and run without continuing to use your service. This has since become an out-dated way of looking at programming. The most successful PT’s in the industry use programs as a value add to their services Eg. “When you sign up with me, you get a program to use away from our 1on1 sessions that will guide you in the right direction without having to constantly rely on me to tell you what to do every session.” You’ll notice that value is a word that is constantly used throughout this FAQ, and there’s a good reason for that. Without value, there is no reason for anyone to train with us. Give them a reason to!

  • First step is always to goal set with your clients. You cannot help them if you don’t know what they’re trying to achieve. The next step is to provide them a quality free PT session to show them what you can do to help them. Giving them a taste test of what PT is all about, will give them a positive feel about what is to come if they sign up with you. The next step is to have a professional presentation with your pricing and the value that you provide your clients. Be confident when speaking about money, and always back yourself relating to getting the client to their goal. You’re the professional, make sure you act like it.

  • All of the great personal trainers use their floor shifts very effectively. While you’re on the floor, use this time to talk to as many members as possible. This is a great opportunity to build as many relationships as possible, so that you can be the go-to trainer if anyone has any questions. Building rapport is our best weapon as a trainer. Get the members to see you as someone they can come to if they have any questions. Half of the battle is getting members to open up about their goals. If you can do this, you are one step closer to signing someone up for paid PT sessions.

  • There are a few different ways we can ensure our clients cancel as little as possible. The main point will be having a concrete solid cancellation policy. This outlines the required notice that your client needs to give you in order to not be charged for that session (Usually 24 hours). Combined with a good cancellation policy, it is also very important to send confirmation texts or calls to your clients the day before their session as a reminder. As much as we would like to think that PT is everyone’s life, it isn’t. Some people need to be reminded of their sessions as it isn’t their main priority.

Planning and Continued Learning
  • In the early stages of getting a new client, don’t throw too many fitness assessments at them as this may overwhelm them or make them feel like they’re too unfit to do PT. Keep it simple. Basic girth measurements and weight are essential to show body composition progress. If you’d like to do fitness testing, throw in some cardiovascular based testing. 1km Treadmill for time or 500m row for time are usually tough enough. Doing strength testing with new members with little to no gym experience will get you nowhere. Max push ups, Max pull ups, Max Plank are usually enough.

  • Warm ups should be relative to what you will be doing for your session on that day. It’s really important to keep all movements during the warm up dynamic and three-dimensional, that mimic the movements of the PT session. Make your warm up fun, play a game that gets their heart rate up and having a bit of a laugh at the same time. This will lead into a great session with plenty of energy and buzz.

    Cool downs should be less intense with basic static stretches that are still functional to what was performed in the session. This time is a great opportunity to provide some positive reinforcement to your client by telling them how well they did. Pump them up for their next session with you by letting them know what’s on the agenda next – This also gives you an opportunity to confirm their next booked session as well.

  • In short, you should be focusing on whatever up-skilling will gain you new business or add value to your current client base. Doing a calisthenics course is fantastic, but if all of your clients or niche market is looking to lose weight, it isn’t very relative. Think of what knowledge you would like to unload on your clients, or what will grab someones focus towards you – Nutrition, Functional Training, HIIT, Fat Loss will cover most bases early. Refer to websites such as the ones below for relative CEC courses.