Refer a pt

Know a PT who is looking for a new place to run their business?

If you work for Fit n Fast and know any qualified Personal Trainers who are currently looking for work then please fill out the form below and send them our way. Why you ask? Because we will reward you with CASH!

  • If your referred PT starts working with us then once they hit the 6 months of service mark you will get $250.
  • But wait... there’s more... if your referred PT then hits the 12 months of service mark you will then get another bonus $500.


  • This offer is only valid for Current Fit n Fast Employees and Personal Trainers
  • To get the cash you must fill out the below online form before we meet them
  • The reward will not be paid to anyone claiming a referral after the PT is hired or if they did not follow this online process from the start.
  • The referred PT must not have applied directly to Fit n Fast in the last 6 months

Great huh? So what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below and let’s get this ball rolling!

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